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Extra Long Velcro Replacement Strap for use with VACOcast family of Orthoses Boots

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This extra long Velcro replacement strap is designed for "cut-to-fit" to maximize the customization of all VACOcast and VACOped Orthosis boots.

For those experiencing a large amount of edema this is a great purchase to allow for extra room in the calf area until swelling recedes.

Use with...
VACOcast Fracture Orthosis Boot
VACOped-Achilles Orthosis Boot
VACOcast Low-Rise Orthosis Boot                                                                          

VACOcast Diabetic Fracture Orthosis Boot                                                                         VACOped Diabetic Achilles Orthosis Boot                                                                                                                                                               VACOcast Diabetic Low-Rise Orthosis Boot 

Article number: GURT-37-1-XL4

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